Practice Of Bellingham’s Dr David Schneider An All-Encompassing Dental Resource

Dr David Schneider While visits to the dentist don’t often top many of our “to-do” lists, the trepidation that surrounds them is often unfounded. That’s certainly the case at Bayview Dental and Dr David Schneider, of Bellingham, has gone to great lengths to establish a practice that meets all of your medical needs while effectively eliminating the stress surrounding a dentist visit. At his office, Bellingham’s Dr David Schneider has purposely designed a professional setting that’s family-oriented and backed by state-of-the-art technology. According to a recent Washington Post article, skipping dentist visits is a recipe for headaches – and toothaches – later down the line. The December 2017 article further notes that adults between the ages of 19 and 64 were likely to skip a dentist visit due to cost. At Bayview Dental, Bellingham’s Dr David Schneider has set up an extensive network of financial options to help you pay for procedures – be it through your insurance company or financing. Finally, Dr. Schneider’s office is the one to trust due to the fact that it offers a wide array of services. That means those in need of crowns and bridges can have their needs met; so too can those teeth-whitening services and fillings.

At the heart of this all-encompassing dental office is Dr. Schneider. As a native of Western Minnesota, he would go on to graduate from Concordia College, in Moorhead, MN, then then University of Minnesota Dental School. The skills he learned there would be put to use in his native Minnesota as well as New Mexico before moving to Bellingham in 2004. Through years of practice and a focus on cosmetic, periodontal disease and implants, he has logged hundreds of hours worth of continuing education. As Dr. David Schneider will tell you, moving to Bellingham was driven by the personal goal to open a dental practice in a beautiful community that could benefit from his comprehensive care. Further improving upon options offered at Bayview Dental is the highly experienced staff.

When not at work, Dr. Schneider is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys camping, hiking and biking during the summer while spending his winter months skiing. As part of his other personal pursuits, he also takes great pleasure in giving back to the community that his dental practice serves. Those endeavors include trail maintenance, solving local hunger issues and giving goods and services to local charity operations and other community-benefit groups. Those in the Bellingham area are encouraged to contact Dr. David Schneider regarding any procedures they may need.