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Volunteer Work From Bellingham’s Dr. David Schneider Helps To Address Food Insecurity

Posted on March 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

dr. david schneider bellinghamSome may be hesitant about volunteer work, thinking that it will cut into already limited free time. That’s hardly the case at the Christ the King (CTK) Community Church and its food share and farming program is a testament to that. The church, located in Bellingham, Washington, has doubled down on its efforts to feed the needy in the area and volunteers who help keep this effort running are a vastly appreciated resource. That’s because the individuals donate time, energy and even food products that feed residents of Whatcom County and beyond. According to Bellingham’s Dr. David Schneider, who operates a respected dental practice in the area, CTK’s food share and farm has given him the opportunity to give back to a community that has offered him so much over the years.

At CTK, the Food Sharing ministry collects donations made to the church, by local businesses and produce from the CTK farm. The collections are then delivered to groups across the region where the need to address food insecurity is the greatest. As the church’s website states: “It’s all about pulling our resources together and creating community partnerships to help those that are in need in our neighborhoods, our communities and in our county.” According to figures from the Washington State Department of Health, food insecurity and hunger remain issues at the forefront of well-being for residents of all ages. Per the department, 600,000 residents participated in the state’s basic food program in 2014. “The Healthy People 2020 objective is to reduce food insecurity to 6 percent among U.S. households, “the report adds. “Washington has not yet met this objective.”

As a testament to the good that CTK’s program does, donations can range from 700 pounds to 3,000 pounds of produce per week during harvest season. That, says Dr. David Schneider of Bellingham, is why he’s so proud to be a part of this program. The church’s farm, which is also managed by volunteers and operates on donated farmland inside of borrowed greenhouses, is undoubtedly responsible for feeding families in times of distress. The generosity that Dr. David Schneider of Bellingham has exhibited by working with the CTK food program extends to his dental practice. Opened after her relocated to the Whatcom County area in 2004, Mr. Schneider has made great strides toward delivering quality dental services to patients of all ages. This work is complimented by the volunteer services he offers and is just one more way of showing his commitment to helping people from all walks of life.